Wednesday 27 February 2013

Ishlangu 1.2 is here!!

We have just released version 1.2.  It has new features as well as important improvements and bug-fixes.
 Faster Cache
We've improved the performance of our HTTP cache.  It now responds faster to requests meaning page load times are faster than ever.
 Active Health Monitoring
Active Health Monitoring has been added in this release.  Now you can monitor your back-end servers health by sending a PING or HTTP(s) request and inspecting the response. If the health check fails, the server will not receive any more requests.  Once the health check succeeds, the server will become active again and Ishlangu will start forwarding requests to it.
 New Notifications
New notifications have been added.  Ishlangu now monitors the SSL certificates and license details.  If an SSL certificate has expired, or is about to, Ishlangu will send out a notification to administrators so they can take appropriate action.
 AV-Engine / Security Signatures
The AV-Engine and Security Signatures have been updated, giving you and your company peace of mind.

Updating to the new release is so simple.  Just navigate to the Updates page on your Ishlangu admin-console, click the download button, then click the install button. Pretty easy isn't it?  

Enjoy the new features... more are just around the corner!

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