Tuesday 23 April 2013

Ishlangu 1.3 is out. Download today!

We are proud to announce the release of Ishlangu 1.3.  The community provided us with some feature requests that we were more than happy to include in our latest instalment.
 External Authentication
The Ishlangu administrative console now supports LDAP and Active Directory authentication.  Administrators can now hook Ishlangu into the network's LDAP/AD service and login using accounts on those authentication servers.
 Event Logging
Ishlangu now records events.  A few examples of events include: Ishlangu license expiry, Health Monitor alerts, XSS injection attempts.  These events, and more, will all be recorded in the event system.  The latest events are reported to you on the Dashboard and all events can be viewed in the new 'Event Log' page.
 Fine-Grained Access Control
You now have the power to control not only who has access to the Ishlangu admin console, but also what they have access to.  If you want John to be able to create uControl Script rules, but not apply them to Proxies, you can!  If you want Steve to view the reporting pages only, you can!  With Ishlangu's Fine-Grained Access Control you can make sure users only see and do what they are supposed to.
This was a big one.  The community wanted to know who did what (and when) to the system.  Now, if John changes the connection timeout of a Proxy, Ishlangu will record when, who, where, and what was changed.  A new proxy, you didn't know about, gets added to the system?  You'll be able to find out who did it, and when. Ishlangu doesn't just tell you that something changed, it tells you what was changed.  You'll be able to determine exactly what happened and who did it.  Don't worry about having to scroll through pages of logs either. We have added a brand new section to the admin console that allows you to search the audit log for a specific user/group/ip to help you find out whats going on.
 Single Sign On (SSO)
SSO is another community based feature request.  Ishlangu can now automatically sign a user into one or more backend servers.  Here is a quick example:

You have three sharepoint sites. Without an SSO solution, your users would have to log into each one of those sharepoint sites individually. 
Put those three sites behind an Ishlangu unit and Ishlangu can handle the login on behalf of the user.  When a unauthenticated user tries to access one of your sites, Ishlangu presents a login page to the user.  Once the user successfully logs in, that user will be able to access content from any of those three sites without having to login again.

As far as we are aware, we are the only ADC that offers these features (especially the SSO) as standard.

We hope you enjoy the new features in this latest release of Ishlangu.  If you haven't tried Ishlangu before, what is stopping you?  Request a free trial now.